Nominations for the Buyer's Guide to Email Service Providers, 3rd Edition (2005) are now closed. Nominations made now will be for the Buyer's Guide to Email Service Providers, 4th Edition (2006).

Quick note:

#1. Nominations are free. Anyone can nominate a firm for inclusion.

#2. Inclusion is free -- as long as you meet basic business requirements, you can be in the Guide.

#3. NEXT: In July all nominated vendors will be asked to fill out a detailed profile of their service. *Only* vendors who fill out the profile will be included in the Buyer's Guide.

Thanks for your help!

P.S. Got questions? Contact service at or call 877-895-1717.

* 1. What's the name of the email service provider company you are nominating?

* 2. What's the Web site address of the company you are nominating? (Not required.)

* 3. If you have any contact information for someone at the company you are nominating, please provide it here. (Not required)

* 4. Do you happen to know if the vendor you're nominating meets these requirements:

  Yes No Don't know
Hosts technology on own servers
Has at least 5 full-time email-service related employees
Has a full-time spam-response/privacy staffer
Has been in business at least 18 months
Sends at least 7 million messages per month and/or has more than 25 clients
Derives a significant portion of revenues from broadcast email distribution and related services

* 5. If you are shopping for a new email vendor, how do these considerations rate in your search? (Vendors please do not answer - this question is for clients only):

  critical moderately important not a main deciding factor
Delivery past filters
Accepts opt-out lists
Only allows opt-in lists
Advanced database & CRM features
Easy do-it-yourself interface
Campaign strategy & creative help
Handles rich media or forms in email
Dedicated IP address per client
Advanced reporting (beyond opens & clicks)
Highly responsive customer service & help