* 1. Has someone ever posted something online or sent something to you that made you feel uncomfortable?

* 2. If someone did post or sent you something that made you feel uncomfortable, what should you do about it? (You can pick more than one).

* 3. HaveĀ YOU cyberbullied someone this year?

* 4. If Yes - was it a student from this school thatĀ YOU cyberbullied?

* 5. What consequences do cyberbullies face if it involves a student from this school?

* 6. Have you previously been taught about cyberbullying at Kennington Primary School? (it may have been in previous classes).

* 7. Do you think that you need more lessons about cybersafety and cyberbullying this year?

* 8. If I was being cyberbullied I would feel comfortable to tell my teacher and get help?

* 9. Have you read the computer users agreeement that you and your parents signed at the beginning of the year?