HVA Reporting Instructions

Open until September 29, 2023

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) identifies healthcare risks, estimating survivors, casualties, and post-emergency needs. The Healthcare Coalition (HCC) compiles individual facility HVA results into one regional HVA profile, in the fall, on an annual basis. Use your most recent facility HVA results. 

During the HVA process: 

- HCC members actively engage with diverse tools.

- Align with local emergency assessments, avoiding duplication.

- The HCC gets input from healthcare facilities, EMS, etc., shapes regional HVA.

- Encompasses regional traits, including disasters, geography, and infrastructure.

- Considers population characteristics, demographics, and vulnerabilities.

- HCC regularly reviews and shares HVA with members (all results are presented in a regional profile and individual results are not shared) 

Please have your submissions in by: September 29, 2023
If you have any questions or are looking for tools to conduct an HVA contact mac.mccormick@nashville.gov or jana.tolleson@tn.gov

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