* 1. Does your institution have a policy regarding covered beverages at the Nurses Station?

* 2. Does your institution ban covered beverages at the nurses station?

* 3. What type of position do you currently hold at your medical institution?

* 4. If you hold a direct patient care position of any kind, based on your current hospital policy related to beverages at the nurses station, do you feel you have easy access to meet your fluid intake needs? *answer N/A if you are not in direct patient care

* 5. Have you ever experienced the following symptoms during a patient care shift? (answer all that apply, or if not in direct patient care, check N/A)

* 6. Have you ever researched  OSHA's position  on covered beverages at the nurses station?

* 7. What is your current position at your medical institution?

* 8. Please state your thoughts, concerns, complaints, suggestions, comments related to the issue of covered beverages at the Nurses Station. Should water/covered beverages be permitted?  Why? Why not? What suggestions do you have to ensure the wellness of direct patient care staff in relation to proper hydration?