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Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) manages and protects the forest through its long-term Forest Management Plans, including the “Forest Land Management Classification System” (OAR 629-350-0055).  

The Forest Land Management Classification System is a method of describing the management emphasis of parcels of state forest land. The management emphasis identifies the extent to which a parcel of land can be managed for a variety of forest resources. It also identifies when a particular forest resource may need a more focused approach in its management, or possibly an exclusive priority in its management.

There are four Forest Land Management Classifications (FLMC):

1.      High value conservation areas: managed for conservation, emphasizing protection of old growth trees, endangered species and habitat, rare plants, and water quality.

2.      Special use areas: managed for heritage sites and cultural resources, utility rights of way, and other special uses.

3.      Focused stewardship: forestland managed for recreation, streams and rivers, steep slope areas, and timber production.

4.      General stewardship: forestland that does not fit into one of the other three categories and can be managed for a variety of emphases.

Forest Land Management Classification designations receive regular evaluation for updating when new information is learned about forest resources. The current updates are primarily related to adding designations for key habitat areas for northern spotted owls and marbled murrelets.  

FLMC Commenting Guidelines:

Who may comment?

·         Any interested individual, group or business may comment on proposed FLMC changes.

What types of comments are in scope?

·         Comments that provide additional information, new information or corrections. 

How are comments used?

·         Comments related to a district’s FLMC will be considered by the District Forester and forwarded to the State Forester, along with the District Forester’s classification recommendations.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Forest Land Management Classification changes proposed for the North Cascade District, and for submitting a public comment through the following survey. Comments may also be submitted directly through the ODF website by following this link: Comments, or in writing to ODF, State Forests Public Affairs, 2600 State Street, Salem, OR 97310.

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