Each year our staff and Board of Directors look ahead to consider and plan for the Chamber's role and impact on business success in Sheboygan County. To start this discussion, we want to hear from our members. Your participation in this study is crucial! And we are offering an incentive -- $100 of Chamber Cash if you complete the survey and your name is drawn! YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS IF YOU WANT TO WIN. This information will not be correlated to the survey results.  Please complete this survey by September 15, 2017.

Thanks so much!

Your Chamber Staff & Board of Directors

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. Where does your business best fit on this list? If more than one, please check all that apply.

* 3. How Many FTEs (full time equivalent employees) do you employ in your company/organization here in Sheboygan County? For purposes of this survey, two part-time employees equal 1 FTE.

* 4. How many years has your organization been a member of the Chamber?

* 5. When thinking about the Chamber and the role it plays for your business, what word first comes to mind?

* 6. Please rate events and programs you have attended in the past 12 months.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Have not attended
Business After Hours
Focal Point Workshops
Executive Series
First Friday Forums
Deep Dive 1.5 Sessions
Leadership Sheboygan County
Coastal Young Professionals

* 7. Please grade the quality of Chamber Signature Events you have attended in the past year

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
Peer 2 Peer Business Expo
Chamber Champions Gala
ATHENA Leadership Award Luncheon
Workforce Development Summit
Chamber Golf Outing
Next Wave Young Professionals Awards

* 8. Chamber Cash is a special currency that encourages shopping in Sheboygan County. Please indicate the ways you utilize Chamber Cash and how important or valuable each type of use is to you.

  Essential Benefit Important Benefit Somewhat Valuable Of Little Value N/A
Our business accepts Chamber Cash from customers
Our business purchases Chamber Cash as gifts or incentives
I personally purchase Chamber Cash
Our business is a Chamber Cash sponsor
I receive Chamber Cash as a gift or incentive

* 9. Have you participated as a member of Committees or Boards?

  Past member Current member
Board of Directors
Executive Committee
Business-Education Partners Committee
Business Advocacy Committee
Coastal Young Professionals
Leadership Sheboygan County Curriculum Committee
Business Resources Committee

* 10. I believe the Chamber staff is

  Always Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Committed to our success

* 11. Over the past year would you say the Sheboygan County Chamber's image has

* 12. In the past 12 months has the value of your Chamber membership

* 13. Please let us know your agreement or disagreement with the following statements:

The Sheboygan County Chamber is...

  Strongly Agree Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Don't Know
The place where business people gather to solve problems
A valuable investment in my business
A vital partner in workforce development
The place where I can make valuable connections
A source of important business resources
Focused on the right things
An influential business voice for Sheboygan County

* 14. How likely are you to recommend membership in the Sheboygan County Chamber to a friend or colleague?

* 15. I read the Chamber's e-newsletter MONDAY MONITOR:

* 16. How often do you log into the Chamber web site as a member?

* 17. What type of information do you receive from the Chamber that you find valuable?

* 18. What type of information could you do without?

* 19. How do you feel about the frequency of communication your receive from the Chamber? 

* 20. What Chamber programs, events or services do you find most valuable for your business or organization?