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The purpose of Prayer Current's Prayer Evaluation is for each leader to recognize weaknesses and strengths in prayer.  Without accurate views of where you are, you won't see the need for growth or training.  Thus the point of taking our assessment is to recognize the strong and weak points in yourself and in your church, and to begin forming and articulating a tailored plan to address those points. 

Personal Prayer Progress

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Personal Prayer Progress

  Ouch! No pulse Weak Needs some work Progressing & Growing Wow, we're on fire!
I experience a growing relationship with Christ as I pray.
When facing crisis & discouragement, I pray through the challenges to find Christ - relational breakdown, depression, loneliness, financial panic, dryness
I pray beyond my own needs - for those of no faith and other faiths, for my city, and the world
I meet with others to pray on a regular basis - one-on-one, small group, prayer meetings
I engage in regular extended times and days of prayer
Corporate Prayer Progress

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* Corporate Prayer Progress

  Ouch! No pulse Weak Needs some work Progressing & growing Wow! We're on fire
Our prayer times are energized by a balance of kingdom priorities - worship, outreach, confession, pastoral care
We respond to crisis with united prayer - marital strife, gossip, financial crisis
Our meetings are as much about waiting in prayer, as they are about planning
We train our ministry leaders and people in kingdom prayer
We engage in regular extended times/days of prayer
We pray beyond our own urgencies, for non-Christians to come to Christ, for our community and the world
Growth in our ministries, outreaches, and conversions are traced to and empowered by prayer.
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