Thank you for providing input into the potential expansion of the Beyond the Market project into the Cariboo Regional District. If you would like to contact us directly, please visit for all of our contact information. A series of open house information sessions in various Cariboo communities is planned for October 21-25. Please visit our website for details.

* 1. What is the nearest community to where you live?

* 2. Please describe yourself (select all that apply)

* 3. What agricultural programs and services do you currently use or have you used in the past?

* 4. How do you think these existing programs and services could be improved?

* 5. What agricultural programs and services do you wish you had more access to?

* 6. How aware are you of the Beyond the Market project?

* 7. How relevant would each of the following Beyond the Market services be to you?

  Very relevant Somewhat relevant Only a little relevant Not relevant at all This service is already adequately provided by another organization Unsure
Local training and seminars on techincal and scientific farming topics
Local training and seminars on farm business management topics
Local networking events
Regional agricultural conferences
Representation in other regional, provincial and national agricultural networks and programs
Local food dinners and showcase events
One-on-one farm business coaching
A toll-free regional agriculture information hotline
A farming resource library
Information booths at local Fall Fairs and Business Expos
Newspaper, magazine and blog articles on various topics relevant regional agriculture
Showcase examples of innovative farm businesses in the region
An online directory of farm businesses
An online directory of local food purchasers and distributors
Online market exchange tools
Farm-to-chef advisory services
New research into scientific and technical agricultural topics
New research into regional farm management and economic topics
A summary of grants and financial resources available for farmers
Regular email updates of the latest news for regional agriculture
A calendar of regional agricultural events
Field tours and sites visits

* 8. How interested are you in learning more about the following topics?

  Very interested Somewhat interested Only a little interested Not at all interested Unsure
Sheep and goat
Field crops
Meat processing
Pasture management
Livestock health
Soil science
Fencing systems
Shelter systems
Greenhouse and season extension
Root cellars and cold storage
Shelters and outbuildings
Equipment and tools
Technology and data systems
Websites and social media
Acquiring or leasing farmland
Succession planning
Business planning
Marketing and advertising
Customer service
Packaging and labeling
Food distribution systems
Wholesale markets
Farmers' markets
Chefs and restaurants
Organic certification
Financial management
Health legistation
Environmental legistion
Environmental stewardship
Commercial kitchens and food processing
Value-added products
Employees and human resources
Wild harvesting

* 9. What organizations should Beyond the Market partner with to deliver services in the Cariboo?

* 10. If you would like to provide a public testimonial for the Beyond the Market project's expansion into the Cariboo Regional District, please provide it below. Kindly include your name with the testimonial.

* 11. If you have any final comments, please provide them below