* 1. What fast casual restaurant brand or chain impressed you the most this year in terms of growth, innovation or overall evolution to the fast casual segment?

* 2. Why are you nominating this brand?

* 3. Over the past 12 months, what person from the fast casual industry had the biggest impact on it?

* 4. Why are you nominating him or her?

* 5. What technology had the biggest impact over the last 12 months on the fast casual industry?

* 6. Why did you nominate this technology?

* 7. What was the most meaningful menu innovation of the year?

* 8. Why did you nominate this menu innovation?

* 9. Taking into account all forms of marketing from print, radio and TV ads to social media and other forms of digital marketing, what do you think ranks as the top marketing campaign of the year?

* 10. Why did you nominate this campaign?

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