Thank you for taking this survey.

It will take 10 minutes to complete and will help us better understand;

- How mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) can enrich the experiences of individuals with disabilities

- How individuals with disabilities are using their own smartphones

- What features of commercial devices and apps are effective or challenging

- Which modifications and features sets are helpful

- How institutions are adapting smartphone technologies for individuals with disabilities

This survey is part of ongoing research by Art Beyond Sight (ABS) and Antenna International, a leading provider of audio and multimedia interpretative experiences. The complete results of the survey will be shared with the field in papers and conferences. We invite you to participate in assisting this research by sharing the links to the surveys with your colleagues.

This survey is intended for individuals with disabilities. If you work for an access organization or a cultural organization, museum or visitor attraction and would like to give feedback please copy the links below.

Survey for Access Organizations:


If you are an individual with a disability and would like to take the survey, copy the link below.

Survey for Cultural Organizations:


Your help will contribute to our continued mission of making culture and the visual arts accessible to people of all abilities. You will be invited to join ongoing efforts and events related to this research at the end of this survey.

Thank you!

Elisabeth Axel
Founder and President
Art Beyond Sight