We’re going to space!
One of the most serendipitous events that could ever take place during National Volunteer Week and the week after Earth Day – our first ever Texas Master Naturalist in Space! Gulf Coast Chapter Member, Kjell Lindgren is a NASA Astronaut commanding the SpaceX Crew-4 shuttle to the International Space Station with a tentative launch scheduled for Wednesday April 27th.

Kjell has also offered a once in a lifetime experience for the Texas Master Naturalist Program! He'd like to 'downlink' with the Texas Master Naturalist Program in June, connect his work on the ISS to the service TMNs provide and answer any general questions that his fellow naturalist volunteers have. The dates for this downlink are currently tentative and may remain flexible based on mission priorities on the ISS - BUT once we have a date/time we'll announce it via our email listserv and social media channels.

Please help us prepare for this downlink. We'll collect questions using this survey below, review and synthesize the questions, get them approved via the NASA Astronauts team and then submit them to Kjell to review and prep for his downlink discussion in June. Be aware that not every question submitted or even approved for his response will have a chance to get answered.

Question Title

* 1. What question(s) do you have for our Texas Master Naturalist in space, Kjell Lindgren?