1. Welcome!

Thank you for volunteering for the 17th Hartford Symphony Orchestra Season at the Talcott Mountain Music Festival!

Please be advised that all volunteers must sign up to work at least two of the five concerts.

Please fill out this form to confirm your availability and finalize your involvement this summer. YOU MUST RESPOND BY FRIDAY MAY 4, 2012 TO BE CONSIDERED FOR SUMMER 2012!

This form has been set up to capture all interested volunteers in your household. If more than one person in your household would like to volunteer, you can enter contact information and date requests for each person. If you have more than four interested volunteers in your household, please call Mary Sue Cavanagh (contact information below) - she will take your information manually.

If you have questions, please contact one of our two co-chairs:

For general questions about anything EXCEPT concert-day concerns:

Ms. Mary Sue Cavanagh, Co-chair of Volunteers

For any questions and issues on a CONCERT DAY*:

Doris Rothe, co-chair of volunteers
860-916-4754 (cell)

*NOTE - Doris will not be available for the first concert series on June 22 - Mary Sue Cavanagh will be the concert-day contact for this concert ONLY.