* 1. Do you listen to London Taxi Radio?

* 2. Do you think London Taxi Radio is a good idea?

* 3. Do you think the London Taxi Trade could benefit from having its own Radio Station?

* 4. Would you like to get more involved with London Taxi Radio?

* 5. If you think London Taxi Radio is a good idea, what sort of programming would you like to hear on the station?

* 6. Does the fact that London Taxi Radio is only available online or via your mobile smart phone deter you from listening

* 7. If London Taxi Radio had more "chat/phone in shows" would you be more inclined to listen?

* 8. Considering the low listener figures that the station is getting!
Do you think we should continue with London Taxi Radio and build it for the Taxi Trade?
Or should we just give up and close the station down?