Internal Communication principles

Please take a few moments to give us your views on the principles that were developed at our internal communication measurement summit in June 2012. The speakers are gathering in October to work through the principles including your comments to finalise them before formally launching them at the CIPR Inside conference on 7th November 2012.

* 1. Please say how important you think each of the following principles are.

  Not important at all Quite important Important Extremely important
Set measurable internal communication objectives
Make research and measurement part of everyday internal communication activity
Outputs are not enough, outcomes and behaviour change should also be measured
Build action planning into any measurement process from the start
Collaborate with departments across the organisation to determine what needs to be measured
Link measurement to employee engagement
Link measurement to corporate performance
Establish real-time, regular reporting
Use sentiment analysis to find out what is trending internally
Go beyond basic data to find insights from deep analysis

* 2. Are there any principles that you would add?

* 3. Do you think that your views on the importance of the principles are mirrored by your organisation?

* 4. Are there any other comments that you would like to make about the principles?