The Seven Essential Elements of Parish Life ~ an assessment of Saint Matthew's Parish Community

Worship, Word, Service, Community, Evangelization, Stewardship and Leadership are the seven essential elements of parish life that form the foundation of the mission of each parish. These elements constantly interrelate with one another, each nurturing and supporting the other.

Prayer is critical to the entire process of leadership ministry. Prayer guides the process of discerning the specific directions and focus that a parish will take.

The Saint Matthew's Parish Council invites all parishioners to participate in reflection, judgment, conversation, determination and creation as we move forward into our next phase of parish life. The Council is using this survey as part of that process, to assess the strengths of the parish in both worship and meeting the needs of parishioners and where improvement or growth is needed. This survey will assist all of us in reflecting upon our past and preparing for our future. Your input is important to us. Thank you for participating in this process.