Informed Consent

San Jose State University Department of Psychology
Agreement to Participate in Research
Project Title: Personality inventories, can we predict a child’s personality type?
Principal Investigator: Jennifer L. Miller, Masters Candidate

1. You are being asked to participate in a research study investigating the basic dimensions of personality and how these correlate with how we predict a child’s future personality.

2.You will be asked to complete some personality questionnaires by indicating your level of agreement to some statements, and whether some other statements are like you or not. After you complete the questionnaires you will see some video clips of babies having emotional reactions to various stimuli. You will be asked to complete scales indicating your impression of the baby’s reaction.

3. Your participation in this study does not involve any physical risk to you. You will see some video clips that have a baby crying: It is not anticipated that this will cause any emotional discomfort for you. No babies were physically uncomfortable making the video clips that you will be shown.

4. There are no discernible direct benefits expected from your participating in this research. You may find answering these personality items interesting and informative as an indirect benefit of your participation.

5. You have the alternative to choose not to participate in this research study.

6. Although the results of this study may be published, no information that could identify you will be included.

7. You will not be paid for your participation in this study.

8. Questions about this research may be directed to Dr. Clifton Oyamot, at Questions about your rights as a research subject may be directed to Dr. Ron Rogers, SJSU Psychology Department Chair, at (408) 924-5652 DMH 157. Questions about a research subjects’ rights, or research-related injury may be presented to Pamela Stacks, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, Graduate Studies and Research, at (408) 924-2427.

9. Your consent is being given voluntarily. You may refuse to participate in the entire study or in any part of the study. You have the right to not answer questions you do not wish to answer. If you decide to participate in the study, you are free to withdraw at any time without any negative effect on your relations with San Jose State University.

10. I have read this form and it explains the research study to me. If I have additional questions, I have been told who to contact (item 8). I agree to participate in the research study described above.

NOTE: Clicking the "Next" button on this page indicates agreement to participate in the study and will begin the study.