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* 1. What is the most important part of your child's learning?

* 2. Is your child good at reading and writing?

* 3. What are the most important things your child needs to do to be a good reader? Please rate the following items.

  Not important Somewhat important Important Very important
Reading ahead
Understanding grammar and punctuation
Concepts about print (eg reading from left to right)
Being able to understand what they read
Using pictures to help understanding
Reading at home each night
Sounding out
Letter-sound relationships

* 4. Who is able to help your child with reading at home? (You may select more than one box)

* 5. Do you take your child to the local library?

* 6. Do you read with your child in your own language?

* 7. Does your child have access to the internet at home?

* 8. Does your child enjoy using technology/computers at school?

* 9. Does your child see you reading at home?

* 10. Does the school provide you with information or workshops to help you assist your child's learning?

* 11. Do you know what teachers do in the classroom to help your child learn?

* 12. Are you clear about your child's learning and what s/he is expected to do?

* 13. How do you know how your child is progressing at school? (You may choose as many options as you like)

* 14. If you were the Principal of Lansvale East Public School, what would you do to ensure that all students were successful at reading?