1. General Information

We would like to hear about your tax grieving experiences and improve the value of this website. There are five pages in this survey. Feel free to share as little or as much information as you would like - the “State” field is the only required field.*

Please understand that, as a general matter, we will not be responding to comments or questions submitted in this survey.

* 1. Where is your property located? (Only the State field is required.)

* 2. Have you grieved your property tax assessment to include the impacts of a nearby factory farm(s)?

* 3. How does the nearby factory farm(s) affect your property? (In answering this question, it may also be helpful to describe the factory farm and how far it is from your house.)

* 4. If we have follow-up questions, may we contact you? (We will not contact you without your permission.)

* 5. May we post comments you submit in this survey on our website, for example as testimonials or as helpful tips for others? (We will only post your comments if you give us permission.)