2018 CALE Now Alumni Volunteer

As an alumnus of the CALE Now program, you have a unique perspective on life and the world we live in. We're excited that you want to share your experiences and work with the new group of kids this summer.  You've changed the world by volunteering, and learning how to be your best self. Now you get the chance to pay it forward once again. Thank you for your commitment to impact the world in a positive way. See you soon! ~ Miss Kiahnna & Mrs. Angele

* 1. CALE Kid Contact Information

* 2. Which days would you like to volunteer? We will choose 2 or more volunteers per session, so select all dates you can attend.

* 3. I have parent/caretaker permission to volunteer.

* 4. Parent Contact Information

* 5. When did you participate in CALE Now?

* 6. What have you been up to since finishing the CALE Now summer program?  Tell us what you've done to live up to your commitment to change the world, yourself, your family, and your community.