The information you give about you and your family will help us organise the best match for you

Homestay provides international students with a secure and welcoming place to live and practise their English language skills in a real home setting.  As a homestay host you contribute to the positive memories our international students have of their time in Queensland.  Through this program, host families have the opportunity to form cultural links and friendships with students and families all over the world.  Host families receive a payment of $282 per week to cover the student's meals and homestay expenses. If your homestay application is successful we will ensure that you and your international student/s enjoy the best homestay experience.

1. Contact information

2. Public Transport closest to home

3. Could you offer transport for evening school activities occasionally?

5. Bathing Facilities

6. How will you include your homestay student in your family activities?

7. Do you have animals? If so, please describe them

8. Do all members of your family who are over 18 have a blue card?

9. Have you ever hosted a long term homestay student before?

10. Please give name and age of all family members

11. What type of foods do you tend to serve for evening meals

12. What type of foods do you tend to serve for lunch?

13. What type of foods do you tend to eat for breakfast

14. What type of snack foods would you offer?

15. Do you have family who have special dietary requirements?

16. Does anyone in the family have allergies?

17. Please list any musical instruments you have

18. Does your family have any hobbies or sporting interests? Please describe

19. Favourite TV shows/Netflix serials/Movies

20. Does anyone smoke in the house?

21. Do you have a gender preference for the homestay guest