How do you use locational data? has partnered with AggData to shed light on usage trends amongst GIS practitioners.

AggData's ( locational data service is used by hundreds of leading commercial real estate companies and retailers to perform real estate analysis using GIS.

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* 1. Please specify the scope of your GIS:

* 2. Do you utilize third party data providers?

* 3. How Important Is Updated Locational Data In Your GIS?

* 4. How Frequently Do Your Require Locational Data Updates?

* 5. Which layers do you utilize?

* 6. Which platform is your GIS?

* 7. Which of the following regions are you interested in (please select all that apply)?

* 8. Will you be utilizing any of the following fields?

* 9. Are you interested in future store closings?

* 10. Would locational data streamed into your database via an API be beneficial?

* 11. What is your organization type?

* 12. What is your organization's size?

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