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Prototype Reel Designs Feedback

Thank you for taking a few minutes to give us your thoughts and feedback on our products. Your input matters. It guides us in what we bring to market. 
We plan to release 2 or 3 new reel designs this year. We would like to get your feedback on these at this point. 

Here is what you will be providing feedback on:

1) A new style treatment called "Edge." This reel is similar to our Studio reel, in that it does not have a finish on the outer face of the flanges. The finish is actually on the inside of the flanges - the area closest to the tape. 

The Edge design is very versatile, it can be subtle or bold, depending on the customer's preference. The reason for that is you can choose between two styles of how it looks when you order it. Style "A" is subtle, the color is visible on the edges of the flanges, the edges of the cut-outs on the flanges and if you look at an angle, inside the flange area, were the tape spools. Looking straight on, the color is not apparent. This flange alignment is our traditional style where the cut-outs are both aligned creating a view straight through the flanges. 

Style "B" is the bolder look. The flanges are clocked, meaning that the cut-outs are aligned in a way that there is no view straight through. Instead, the color on the inside of the flange is seen. This is true regardless if you have the reel on side 1 or side 2. 

In all these new designs, our traditional (smaller) logo will be used. This is the same logo used on all our reels except the laser etched Studio reel. These pictures are of prototypes and thus the logo is not applied. 

Note that all four of the Edge colors you will see are metallic. That means they have the same shimmer to them that our Arena Red does. The color changes intensity and hue depending on how the light strikes it. Keep that in mind as you look at the pictures, which do not illustrate the shimmer at all. Also, keep in mind these are prototypes only - not final production quality so you will see imperfections, screws missing and less than perfect photography. That's all part of this stage in the design process. 

2) Finally, we have one new non-Edge design finish to get your thoughts on. This is similar to our Area Red and Charcoal Chrome finish in that it covers the front of the flange, but in a new color and pattern. Its called Cobalt Blue Metallic Block Carbon.
Let's take a look:

RX Reels 2023 Prototypes
1.Do you like the Edge design in general?
2.Do you prefer Edge style A or B best?
3.What is your #1 color Edge design choice?
4.What is your #2 Edge Design color choice?
5.At a retail price of $249 per reel, how likely would you be to buy it?
6.Is there another color you would suggest for the Edge design and do you have any other general comments about this design?
7.RX Reels Cobalt Metallic Block Carbon Do you like this Cobalt Blue Metallic Block Carbon finish?
8.At a retail price of $279 per reel, how likely would you be to buy it?
9.Is there another color you would suggest for a Block Carbon design and do you have any other general comments about this design?
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