Commerce Forces of Change

A common definition of commerce is "the activity of buying and selling." Extending the definition, commerce is "how businesses and other institutions interact in an economy to accomplish objectives." For this research, we've defined forces of change for commerce on three levels: Commerce, Technology and Human Capital. 

This section addresses Commerce Forces of Change at three levels -- Company, Value Chain and Environment. 

The first questions focus on Company, which is defined as forces of change that impact how a business operates and the goals that a business strives to achieve. Examples include: speed of doing business and achieving agility, a culture of innovation and economies of scale.

Question Title

* 1. Where is your business today in terms of using any of these particular forces -- speed of doing business, a culture of innovation and economies of scale -- as an innovation opportunity?

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* 2. To what extent is your business achieving new results attributable to these particular forces?