The Partnership Committee for the new John Wood Community College Southeast Education Center is interested in learning what the training and educational program and service needs are for businesses, partners and organizations in Pike, Calhoun, Morgan and Scott counties.  Please take a couple of minutes to provide feedback for JWCC to provide better service to the Southeastern portion of its district.

* 1. What type of entity or business structure are you?

* 2. How many employees do you currently have?

* 3. What are the top three challenges you face when hiring employees?

* 4. What are the top three skill sets most desired by your company for the positions you have available?

* 5. What can JWCC do to improve the local workforce?

* 6. What type of training programs would you be interested in offering to your employees through JWCC?

* 7. What percent of your employees would require the skills mentioned in Question 6 to be employed by you?

* 8. What types of programs could JWCC offer to improve your management skills?

* 9. What might be the best way to deliver training to you or your employees?

* 10. What might be the best location to deliver training to you or your employees?

* 11. Have you had employee turnover because of lack of skills after hiring?

* 12. Do you have specific software that is being used by your business/organization?  If so, would you share the name(s) of the software.

* 13. Have you utilized JWCC programs to enhance or improve your workers' skills in the past?

* 14. If you haven't utilized JWCC programs in the past for your employees, would you consider utilizing JWCC for your educational and skill training needs?

* 15. What barriers, if any, exist in utilizing JWCC to meet your educational and skill training needs?

* 16. Do you have anyone in your organization who would be interested in teaching for JWCC in either a credit or non-credit capacity?  If so, please share their contact information with us, or share our contact information with them.  At JWCC, contact Diane Vose, Manager of Community Based Outreach,, 217-641-4959.

* 17. If you would like to share your company's name, please indicate it here.

* 18. Would you like for someone at JWCC to contact you to answer any questions regarding what JWCC currently offers or discuss your future training/education needs?  If so, who is the person or persons we should contact?  Please indicate business name, individual name(s), phone and e-mail below.

Thank you for your time to complete this survey.
If you have any questions or additional comments,
please feel free to contact us.