Summer 2020

While we are continuing to watch the developments of COVID-19, we realize that many people want to take a class(es) this summer – either to get a jump start on the fall semester, to get caught up from a spring semester that was disrupted or even just to be retooling for another career. Marion Technical College (MTC) has been offering online courses since 1999, and this experience has enabled us to quickly adapt to the remote learning required by the COVID-19 crisis. We have a wide variety of courses that are already scheduled for this summer which you can view by clicking here.

There are several ways to offer remote learning; MTC will be offering courses in two of these formats for the Summer 2020 term: 

1. Synchronous remote learning: the instructor presents a "live" remote session on specific days and times; students interact virtually with the instructor and each other as if it was a normal classroom setting.

2. Asynchronous remote learning: Students complete coursework on their own schedule, instructor provides lectures / grading / feedback in a timely way but not at a set time per week.

MTC is developing a way for you to "test drive" each of these courses at no cost / no obligation - so you can see first-hand what MTC's remote learning experience is like. MTC has one of the lowest tuition rates in Ohio, and we are committed to your success.

Please take a few minutes to let us know your interest in taking courses this summer. These are indeed trying times, but MTC wants to continue to help you Get To Next!

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Economics (Micro, Macro)
English Composition
Medical Terminology
Office Information (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Math (Algebra, Statistics)
Business (Management, Ethics, Business Law)
Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

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