For the past two years a committee of residents has been working to develop a plan for the Harper’s Choice Village Center that will help guide any future development. A number of opportunities have been created for community input in this process and this survey is another chance to have your voice heard as the preparation of the village center plan comes to a close this year.

* 1. How important are the following issues to you with regard to the Harper’s Choice Village Center (1 = low importance, 5 = high importance)?

  1 - low importance 2 3 - moderate importance 4 5 - high importance
Safety (lighting, layout, loitering, etc)
Architecture and aesthetics
Integration of environmentally sustainable features
Ability to walk between different parts of center
Access (parking, biking, etc.)
Vibrancy (gathering space, events, outdoor seating, etc.)
Selection of businesses
Variety of uses (housing, business, retail, civic)

* 2. Are there other issues that are important to you that are not listed above?

* 3. What specific features would encourage you visit the Village Center more frequently (e.g., transportation options, amenities, businesses?)

* 4. What are three big things (if you could waive your magic wand) would you most like to change about the Harper’s Choice Village Center?

* 5. What three things do you like most about the Harper’s Choice Village Center?

* 6. Do you have any other thoughts about the future of the Village Center to share?

* 7. What is your name?

* 8. What is your email address?

* 9. What Harper's Choice neighborhood do you live in and street do you live on?