The urbancanvas Design Competition was a unique opportunity to challenge professional artists and designers to create printed artwork for temporary protective structures at construction sites to beautify New York City's streetscape and promote maintenance of these structures. The competition selected four complementary designs for different types of temporary protective structures: construction fences, sidewalk sheds, supported scaffolds and cocoon systems.

The four winning designs are now available through the urbancanvas Pilot Program for property owners and developers to install on temporary protective structures located on City-owned property.

* 1. How did you hear about the Department of Buildings and Department of Cultural Affairs urbancanvas program?

Below are images of urban canvas installations throughout New York City. Please select ONE urban canvas site that you have seen in the following question. *

* 2. What urbancanvas artwork did you see?

* 3. Did you like the artwork?

* 4. Does the concept of artwork to improve the look of a construction site appeal to you?

* 5. Did it improve your experience as a pedestrian?

* 6. Would you like to see more artwork installations on construction sites?

* 7. Additional comments about the artwork

* 8. Additional comments about the urbancanvas program