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* 1. Name & Location. For Country Code please use the two letter version (e.g. US, IN, UK, AU, DE, DK, NL, IT, LT, GC, etc). Your email address should be the one you sign into SOA EMG (e.g. gmail) and is used for distinguishing responses. If you would like to be included in the Twitter @soa_emg/members list please include your Twitter name too.

* 2. What version of the Oracle SOA Suite do you currently use?

* 3. What components of the Oracle SOA Suite do you currently use?

* 4. What is the status of your SOA Suite project?

* 5. What is your favorite development tool

* 6. What tooling do you use to test your SOA Artefacts?

* 7. What other SOA tooling have you used or integrated with

* 8. What enterprise tooling do you use?

* 9. How long have you been working with SOA and/or BPM (include enterprise application integration and business process redesign or workflow in your experience)

* 10. Do you use portal products in your SOA and BPM environments?