Blakeney Elementary Beliefs Survey

Dear Colleague, Student, Parent or Community Member,

As a part of the ongoing district accreditation process, we are seeking your input in the revision of the Blakeney Elementary  Beliefs Statements.  The purpose of the following survey is to collect feedback on Blakeney Elementary belief statements documented below.  We are in the process of adopting these ideas to guide us as we work to provide Blakeney Elementary students with a quality educational experience.

* 2. We believe: Parents are vital and active participants in their child's education, both socially and academically.  This statement should:

* 3. We believe: The role of the parent is to reinforce learning by establishing a positive relationship between the school and home. This statement should:

* 4. We believe: A supportive and safe learning environment is primarily the responsibility of the school, but is also shared with parents, students, and the community.  This statement should:

* 5. We believe: Each student's opportunity for independence and success is maximized through the emphasis of all essential like skills, including reading, writing, and mathematics.  This statement should:

* 6. We believe: Diverse opportunities and challenges allow for each student's gifts and talents to be discovered and encouraged.  This statement should be:

* 7. We believe: All students can have success.  This statement should:

* 8. What suggestions do you have for improving this school?