* 1. Your Information

* 2. How are you or your organization involved with the issue of hospital sterile compounding?

* 3. What changes do you believe have been effective in boosting the safety of sterile compounding in the last 5 years?  Answer all that apply.

* 4. Please indicate your views on the current strength of:

  Weak Moderate Strong 
Federal enforcement of compounding sterility guidelines/policy
State enforcement of compounding sterility guidelines/policy
Self-regulation among compounding pharmacy facilities
Implementation of technologies and procedures in hospital environments to improve patient safety related to the use of compounded therapies

* 5. List up to three changes in policy or practice that you believe have had the most beneficial impact on patient safety in the aftermath of the NECC incident (within last 5 years)?

* 6. If you are in the healthcare setting, please describe any changes your organization has adopted in the last 5 years to improve the safety of sterile compounding?

* 7. Do you believe that there are best practices among hospitals for compounding of patient therapies that are…

* 9. What would you say are currently considered best practices for patient safety related to sterile compounding (check the top three):

* 10. Broadly speaking, what do you consider the greatest current challenges to sterile compounding for hospital patients?  Please list up to three.