About the EDDRA user feedback survey

The Exchange on Drug Demand Reduction Action (EDDRA) is part of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction's (EMCDDA) website. EDDRA provides details on a wide range of evaluated prevention, treatment and harm reduction interventions, as well as interventions within the criminal justice system, throughout Europe. A key aim of EDDRA is to encourage the exchange of information between intervention planners, project managers, etc.

You can access EDDRA here:

Note that all questions are optional and all responses are collected anonymously.

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* 1. Which of the following descriptions best matches the role in which you are responding to this survey?
If you're not sure or find it difficult to answer, simply leave it blank.

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* 2. How did you come to the EDDRA section of the EMCDDA website today?

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* 3. What was the purpose of your visit to EDDRA today?

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* 4. in the last five years, have you ever used the information in EDDRA to contact an organisation?

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* 5. How can we improve EDDRA?

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