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Your views will help the ITU determine what adult stakeholders think needs to be prioritised to ensure that children have the digital literacy skills and competencies to minimise the risks and maximise opportunities online.

* 1. Please indicate in what capacity you are completing this survey (please tick all that apply to the answers you give below)

* 2. What country do you represent?

* 3. In your view, what are the top three most exciting technology trends currently?

* 4. What is digital literacy, in your view?

* 5. What are the top three challenges for children’s digital literacy that you envisage for the next five to ten years?

* 6. In your opinion, is current digital literacy education adequately preparing children to manage risks and take advantage of opportunities online? Why/why not?

* 7. What are the top three barriers to children’s digital literacy in your country?

* 8. In your view, what kinds of programs, tools or relationships can best foster children’s digital literacy?

* 9. Who, in your view, needs to take responsibility for ensuring children develop appropriate digital literacy skills and competencies? Please identify the three most important.

* 10. What kinds of initiatives should global policy makers like the ITU prioritise in order to promote children’s digital literacy?

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