Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to share your thoughts on the Missouri Advertising Managers' Meeting.

* 1. Did you attend the 2016 MAMA Meeting?

* 2. Please rate the following sessions you attended.

  Great Good Poor N/A
Powers of the Mind: Speaker Brian Powers
Jean Maneke; Getting ready to grab the green in pot! How recent legislation in neighboring states could bring revenue to Missouri!
Get Amped! | Toni Sampson-Riebe and Amanda McGinnis | Amplified Digital
Best Ideas Session!
MAMA Awards Dinner
Comic Hypnosis Show with Brian Powers
Mark Nienhueser | How Missouri Press Service Can Work for You!
Mark Maassen | Welcome the New Executive Director of Missouri Press Association
Round Table Discussions

* 3. Why did you attend the 2016 MAMA Meeting?

* 4. Was this a worthwhile event for you to attend?

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* 6. What could we do to make this event better?

* 7. What did you think about the hotel and location?

  Great Good Poor N/A
The Rooms at Camden on the Lake Were
The Food at Camden on the Lake Was
Lake Ozark as a Location Was
Columbia as a Location Would Be

* 8. What do you think about the timing of the event?

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I think the current schedule is best
I think different day(s) of the week would be better (Please make suggestions in comments field below)
I like the meeting in March
I think April is better
Another month would be better (please make suggestions below)

* 9. What would you suggest to make the event better and attract more attendees?