This is the district-level end of year report for the Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) system. This report is based on the goals and evidence school districts identified in Part 8 of their TLC plans, which included a description of how the district will determine the impact of the TLC plan as well as a description of how the district will monitor and adjust the plan based on the result of these measures.

In completing this report, please use each of the goals and measures sent to you by Becky Slater. As you complete the report, enter each local plan goal separately. In your description of the results, please reference the data listed in the measures/data column from Becky's email. The data should answer the question, "To what level was this goal attained?" 
The End of Year Report submission deadline is June 30, 2017. The district will receive notification of report approval by August 4, 2017.

The end of year report will be used as part of the state-wide program evaluation of the TLC system. The Department of Education will post these reports on the TLC page of the Department’s website to help inform the public, legislators, and members of the Commission on Teacher Leadership and Compensation on the impact of the system. The data shared in this report will not be used to determine continued district participation in TLC or funding. This End of Year Report is designed to be a meaningful tool for school districts as they work toward the vision and goals of their TLC Plan.

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