1. Introduction

We are writing to you because you have attended one of the workshops or CPD courses the Teaching London Computing has offered over the last 2 years. As our project in its current form draws to a close we will would like your help in order for us to reflect on whether the project has benefitted you. We very much hope that you will participate as your views are very important to us, but you should only take part if you want to – it is entirely up to you.

It would be really helpful to us if you could fill out the following survey to tell us about your confidence, experience and views at this stage with respect to teaching computing, if you are willing to do so. It should take around 10 minutes.

Your name, school and email address will only be used for our internal records. We will not share them with anyone. Data will be stored on password-protected computers or in locked containers.

If you choose not to complete the form there won’t be any disadvantages for you and other than a reminder email you will hear no more about it. We are still happy for you and colleagues from your school to attend our courses and workshops and receive our resources both now and in the future whether you fill out the form or not. Just get in touch.