Texas Lions Camp 2018 Masterplan Survey

We're planning for Texas Lions Camp's future and need your input! The purpose of this Masterplan is to help set goals for physical improvements and construction at Texas Lions Camp over the next 5, 10 and 15 years. Please help us understand your experience with TLC and record your thoughts and ideas by answering the following questions about the campus and environment.
-Marmon Mok Architecture

* 1. What is your / your child's favorite camp activity?

* 2. If you could add one more activity to camp, what would it be?

* 3. What are some other areas of interest for you / your child?

* 4. What are the most valuable goals you hope Texas Lions Camp will help you / your child with?

* 5. What skills do you hope Texas Lions Camp will help you / your child attain?

* 6. What role do you see technology playing in the camp environment?

* 7. What are your favorite places at camp and why?

* 8. What are the most challenging places for you / your child to access at Texas Lions Camp?

* 9. Please rank camp activities where #1 is what you enjoy the most and #17 is what you enjoy the least:

Did you receive a pdf or printed survey? Please email completed surveys to: youngblood@marmonmok.com or mail to: Marmon Mok Architecture Attn: Emily Youngblood, 700 North Saint Mary's st. Suite 1600, San Antonio, TX 78205. Thank you!