Purpose of Survey

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The purpose of this survey is to gather data that will assist the Tribal Labor Advisory Committee (TLAC) in creating awareness and increasing the understanding of construction industry hiring practices and standards.

Information we are seeking includes - your application process, your recruitment periods, your recruitment methods, qualifications/skills needed for your jobs, your lead time for hiring, the availability of entry level positions each year, and how the amount of those entry level positions are determined.

Your input is vital, and I thank you in advance for your participation!

Leah P. Sunn
Statewide Native American Labor Coordinator
Tribal Labor Advisory Committee (TLAC)
WisDOT-Native American Labor Initiative
Office: 715.588.4397
Cell: 715.892.5015
Email: lrisingsun@ldftribe.com

Question Title

* 7. When do you typically call back your lay-offs?

Question Title

* 8. When do you start building off of your original teams/crews?