Jet Set Life Team

Our Jet Set Life Team helps people reach both physical and financial goals, overcome blocks and achieve their dream life. You can walk, run or sprint to your goal - and we'll be right next to you!

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* 1. What is your name, phone and email?

* 2. What type of change are you 100% ready to make?

* 3. Are you SICK & TIRED of NOT having the BODY and/or INCOME you truly want?

* 4. If we showed you a way to change your BODY, create the MONEY you want and held your hand every step of the way would you be interested?

* 5. Will you be seriously committed for 12 weeks with a “no excuses” attitude?

* 6. Body: Do you have at least 10lbs of body fat to LOSE or do you want to GAIN muscle and get shredded?

* 7. Money: Do you need at least $500 extra income per month?

* 8. Are you coach-able?

* 9. THIS QUESTION PERTAINS TO COST OF SUPPLEMENTS: To be successful, you have to "Be a product of the product" and love it as much as we do. Are you willing to redirect money from your normal food budget, to our specific nutritional line to replace 1-2 of your meals (that GUARANTEES results with a 100% money back guarantee)?

* 10. What would be the DREAM in the next 12 months? What would be INCREDIBLE? (be specific)

* 11. How did you find us?