2018 Nomination Form

Since 2004, NOACA has bestowed its Walter F. Ehrnfelt, Jr. Award for Outstanding Regional Contribution upon an individual who has contributed significantly toward the betterment of the NOACA region. The award is named for Walter F. Ehrnfelt, Jr., the late mayor of Strongsville and former NOACA Board member, who exemplified leadership, dedication and regional cooperation throughout his career.

Eligibility for the Ehrnfelt Award includes individuals, organizations and/or projects that strengthen regional cohesion related to infrastructure in NOACA’s five counties (Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain and Medina). Regional cohesion is exemplified by intense cooperation among the communities of these five counties to strengthen the competitiveness in various fields and offer the best development opportunities possible for the industrial and commercial life of the region, and thereby increase quality of life for the inhabitants.

Eligibility: Nominees for the Walter F. Ehrnfelt, Jr. Award for Regional Contribution may be...
  • An individual in the public or private sector
  • An organization in the public or private sector
  • An infrastructure project representing multiple organizations

Nomination Criteria: Nominees should be recognized for exhibiting and exemplifying the following types of collaboration and cooperation in the NOACA region...
  • Fostering collaboration on issues of transportation, air and water quality that will lead to greater regional cohesion and cooperation on other issues of regional concern
  • Working collaboratively to remove barriers to joint development or maintenance of infrastructure
  • Promoting cost sharing, purchasing coordination and consolidation of services to improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of developing and maintaining transportation and water infrastructure
  • Facilitating and promoting the sharing of best practices for regional collaboration and cost sharing
  • Ensuring that infrastructure investments are planned and implemented to maximize transportation benefits across all affected communities
  • Promoting infrastructure investments that enhance the interrelationships of communities within the region
To Submit a Nomination
To nominate an individual, organization or project, please complete this short survey. Please complete one survey per nominee. Nominations are due by Aug. 10, 2018.