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The Level 3 Supervision Course is an online course; it includes three online segments and one segment of conducting the fieldwork project (the practicum). Because it is an online course Level 3 applicants must have the necessary computer skills so they can successfully engage in and complete Level 3. Please contact Tamalpa if you have any questions about this part of the application process.

* 1. Applicant Information

* 2. Do you have a computer at home or have access to a computer?

* 3. Do you have the internet at home or have access to the internet? 

* 4. Can you do the following?

  Yes I can No I can't I can but it is very hard
Turn on and turn off a computer
Point, click, double click, and select text with a mouse
Use a keyboard
Type 20 words a minute
Use the keyboard's space bar, return/enter, shift, arrows, delete keys
Open a program from a desktop icon
Exit a program
Minimize and maximize windows
Create and save a document
Open and close a document
Use drop down menus
Correct errors with backspace and delete keys
Use Save As