Part 1. Forest Benefits, Risks, and Threats Survey

Welcome to the Tahoe-Central Sierra Survey.

Thank you for your participation! This survey is part of a collaborative study conducted by Blue Forest Conservation along with a group of graduate students at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara. Our research explores how different communities benefit from healthy and resilient forests with an explicit goal of identifying strategies to increase funding for forest management. The aim of this survey is to identify the range of benefits provided by forests within the Tahoe-Central Sierra region, and as a stakeholder in the region, we value your perspective.

Part One of this survey aims to understand which benefits of forest restoration are most important to the mission and objectives of stakeholder organizations and in what ways those benefits are important.

Part Two aims to understand individual preferences for how different management goals should be prioritized in the region. The management goals are based on the Pillars of Resilience put forth by the Tahoe-Central Sierra Initiative.

This form will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Thank you again for your time!
6% of survey complete.