BCYL is excited to continue it’s “book club” initiative. This was developed with the goal of connecting young and established leaders, centering their connection on reflective leadership learnings. Each month, BCYL will be sharing a new learning material – it may be an article, podcast, book, etc. – along with guided agendas to facilitate meaningful discussions. Participants can sign up on-demand – each month will be different, so you can tailor your experience to the materials you’re most interested in.

Participants will be grouped into diverse, small groups (no more than 6 people per group) to host a 1-hour virtual discussion reflecting on the learning material. We anticipate the readings, reflection, and discussion to take up no more than 3 hours per month – depending on how quickly you read!


After you've registered, you'll receive your group assignment mid-March. Any questions? Reach out to BCYL at info@bcyoungleaders.com


March 2021 – Leadership Café
Topic: Imposter Syndrome

TED Talk: “The Imposter Syndrome Banishing Spell: with Dona Sarkar

TED Talk Time: 30 minutes
Reflection Activity: 30 Minutes
Virtual Group Discussion: 1 Hour
Total Time Commitment: 3 hours

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* 2. By registering as a participant, I acknowledge that I am committing to between 1-3 total hours of reading, preparation and group discussion time. I acknowledge that the value I derive from this engagement is predicated on my personal preparation and engagement.