* 1. How professional is our company?

* 2. How clear was the information the support staff representatives at Advanced Ankle & Foot gave you?

* 3. Were you satisfied with your last experience at Advanced Ankle & Foot?

* 4. When calling to make an appointment, how quickly were you able to get in to see the physician?

* 5. At your last visit, did the physician take the time to listen to and answer your questions?

* 6. Wait time includes time spent in the waiting room and exam room. During your most recent visit, did you see your healthcare provider within 15 minutes of your appointment time?

* 7. Rate your overall experience with your physician.

* 8. Was your experience with customer service at Advanced Ankle & Foot better than you expected it to be.

* 9. Overall, how fairly were you treated at our office?

* 10. Are our office locations conveniently located to you?

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