Survey of Bin Advertising in Mosman Park

In August 2016 The Town of Mosman Park began a trial of installing bins in the Town that feature advertising, in place of the Town’s own bins, in certain locations. We are now finding out how the community feel about this so that we can assess this pilot program against the benefits that it provides. Advertising on bins saves residents money by providing bins with no maintenance costs, and provides local businesses with the opportunity to promote services that might interest you.

* 1. Do you support advertising on bins in Mosman Park?

* 2. Do you have any particular concerns about bin advertising?  Please tell us about your concerns.

* 3. Specifically, do you have concerns about…

* 4. Currently, the Town of Mosman Park has 13 advertising bins, (whereas neighbouring Councils have far more – for example the Town of Cottesloe has approximately 90 advertising bins). The current number of advertising bins in Mosman Park is…

* 5. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience of bin advertising in Mosman Park?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  Your input is very valuable to us and will guide Council's decision-making on this issue.  Keep an eye on the Town's website for further updates.