This Survey

The Te Kuiti High School Board of Trustees want to stay in touch with our school community and get your feedback on what we’re doing well and where we could improve.  Each term, we aim to put out a mini survey on a particular area.   This term we want to look at Communication and Engagement.   To go into the draw to win a $200 grocery voucher, please provide your information at the end of the survey.  The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. 

My child/children are in year(s)... (Tick the boxes that apply to you)

Part 1. Facebook

We heard you when you told us that we needed to update the ways we keep our whanau informed about school news and activities so we have set up a school Facebook page (Te Kuiti High School - Official Page).

* Are you connected to our school Facebook page?

* If you would you like to be added as a Friend to the Te Kuiti High School - Official Page, please enter your Facebook name in the comment box below.

* Do you check our school updates on Facebook?

* - If you answered yes, how would you rate this information?

* What improvements to our Facebook page would you suggest?

Part 2. Newsletter

We still print our trusty school newsletter once per week on a Thursday but we need to check how many people are receiving these and how useful you find them.   

* Do you get the weekly school newsletter?

* How useful is the newsletter?

Part 3. Cellphones

There are times that we need to contact our parents/caregivers/whanau by phone,

-          To ring and discuss a school matter
-          to let you know if your child is not present at school (this may be through our text system) or
-          if your child is sick or there is an emergency

Unfortunately cellphone numbers often change and this means you may not be getting school messages.

* If you would like to check that we have your latest phone number, please provide your name and number here. Also include your child/children's name(s).

As a result of previous feedback we have received from our parents wanting to better monitor their child’s progress through access to up to date academic results, we are currently working on an app that we hope to launch in the next month which will allow our students and whanau instant access to your child/children’s attendance and academic results at the touch of a button. This will be free to download onto your smart phone/iPad and the school will provide you a username and password that you can use on any phone to access your child’s individualised information.

* We would like to know who could use this app?

Part 4. School Involvement

We have an open door policy and we know that when whanau are involved in their child's learning, our students do better.  We encourage our whanau to get involved in our school.

* Please tick all of the areas that apply to you this year and how you found them.

  Not helpful or Not good Ok Useful or Great
Met my child's teacher
Met with dean
Met with Principal/Deputy Principal
Attended parent/teacher report evening
Attended a school event/s
Attended a sports activity
I have not visited the school this year
I have never met my child’s teacher/s

* We know that it is easier for some people than others to come into the school.  If you have not engaged with the school this year, what is stopping you?  And what could we do better to make it easier for you?

* If you had an issue, who would feel most comfortable contacting?

* Part 5.  What’s hot?

We need to know what we do well, give feedback to our team about what is working and what should be continued.  Has your child or you, had a positive experience with our staff or our school that you think is worthy of mentioning? It could be a teacher who made a home visit, a new programme that is now making your child want to come to school, or a service we provided to support your organisation or business.  Please tell us about this:

* Part 6.  What’s not? 

We know that there are areas we need to improve on and we have a strategic plan to help us to do this but we need to check that we have our focus on the right things and we need to prioritise our actions.  Please tell us where you think we need to improve most and how?  (Please choose the area of most concern to you)  

* We would like your feedback to help us understand how our school whanau would like to participate in consultation.  How did you find this survey?

* Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey.  Please enter your details below to go in the prize draw.