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Principal Researcher:  Alain Pompilus
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University of Southern Mississippi, College of Arts and Sciences
School of Social Science and Global Studies: Doctoral International Development Program
The purpose of this research is to assess the viability of the strategy purported by the United Nations' and other international governmental organizations who suggest that non-state actors can accelerate international development initiatives. More specifically, this research examines the perception and attitudes of traditional and non-traditional actors surrounding the Haitian Diaspora as integral actors of Haitian development. By understanding the positions of Haitian development actors and the motivations of the Haitian Diaspora, the research findings can help move Haitian development policy towards one that is more effective, inclusive and sustainable.

Description of the Study:
This is a descriptive cross-sectional research study involving online surveys.  The research accepts established theories on human capital and aims to explore what the current perception of Haitian Diaspora engagement is amongst Haitian development actors
The online survey questions in this study are based on literary research and themes from prior interviews with Haitian development elites.  The primary objective of the survey will be to understand respondent perceptions about engaging as an international development actor, their willingness to participate in programs and ways to improve engagement.  By coupling this information with demographic information, it is the intention of the study to establish statistically significant predictors of engagement as well as the corroborated positions of members within the Haitian diaspora.

Although the participant may not directly benefit from the study, the study may provide valuable information for actors and organizations working to develop Haiti.

There are no known risks associated with this study.

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The alternative to this study is to not participate.

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