This Declaration applies to CSBO and FCSBOs only

Renewal requirements for Certified School Business Official members is set out in the SBO Regulation 37/2004 section 9(1).
Reporting Timelines

* Members have until September 30 of the same calendar year to file your declaration

* Failure to report by September 30 will result in a late renewal fee of $150.00 + gst

* Failure to report and pay the late renewal fee within 30 days after September 30 will result in the individual's members being suspended and the status of their registration to be reviewed by the Practice Review Committee.

We recognize that there may be times that an individual may not be able to meeting the requirements.  It is important that you declare "non-comply"  and provide the Registration committee with information regarding your plan to bring yourself into compliance by the end of the next reporting period.


* Reporting is based on the school year (September 1st thru August 31st)

* Each certified member must complete a minimum of 100 hours over a three-year rolling cycle (current year and prior 2 years) - of which 50 hours must be verifiable including 4 of those verifiable hours to be in the area of Ethics.

* Every certified member is required to record a minimum requirement of 30 hours of new learning annually - of which 15 hrs must be verifiable.

* Reporting will consist of Comply, Non-comply or Exempt as defined by CPA Alberta

Individuals may be selected for random audit and will be required to provide supporting documentation for prior years activities, and so are required to maintain records of continuing education for a minimum of five years.

Please note that if you have retired or are retiring at some point in the upcoming membership year or if you are currently in transition - you are still required to file your declaration.  if you intend to continue to use the CSBO designation.