2021 - 2022 SFVDS Elective Positions

Dear SFVDS Membership,

Below is the BOD election ballot for the 2022 SFVDS Officers, CDA HOD Delegates and Alternates. You will have until July 12th to vote. The election results will be announced no later than July 15th. 

We appreciate your understanding on the time constraint given the situation surrounding the Covid-19 crisis. 

Thank you, 

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* 1. As there were no member
submitted nominations, the candidates below are only those that have been
vetted and recommended by the SFVDS Board of Directors.

SFVDS membership elected Philomena Oboh, DDS as the President-elect last
year, so no vote is necessary for the president's office.

Please register your vote for each of the candidates listed below. Check the box for a yes vote and leave it blank for a
no vote.  No write in votes are allowed.

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* 2. To make sure only SFVDS members vote, please type in your ADA number or your CA Dental License number