AuctionsPlus Cadetship

The AuctionsPlus Cadetship is designed to give the recipient hands-on experience in an agribusiness in the beef supply chain. During the cadetship, the cadet will experience the day-to-day operations within AuctionsPlus and develop a unique understanding of how the business works and the central role of the platform in driving innovation within the agricultural industry.

The cadet will be given all the tools to develop an appetite for further learning and understanding of the workplace and operations at AuctionsPlus.

The cadetship will take place over a four-week period, with the recipient working with AuctionsPlus in their Sydney office for the duration of the program.

The Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Course

The Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Program is an intensive five-day workshop conducted on the college campus at Geelong. The program, which commenced in 1992, is recognised as one of the longest-running rural leadership programs in the nation. It has developed a strong reputation in the agricultural and agribusiness sector, attracting support from a wide range of industry and rural community groups from diverse regional backgrounds.

What does the cadet receive?

The successful cadet will receive up to 4 weeks of placement with AuctionsPlus and spend time learning across the breadth of their business.

The Angus Foundation will contribute $5,000 to the successful cadet to assist in covering travel and accommodation expenses incurred during the placement.

AuctionsPlus Australia and the Angus Foundation will jointly co-fund the cadet's position on the Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Program.


- Applicants must be a member of Angus Australia
- Applicants must be aged over 18
- Applicants must be available to complete four weeks of placement (this will be negotiated at a mutually convenient time and place with AuctionsPlus and the successful applicants).
- Applicants must be available to attend the Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Course within 12 months of taking the cadetship

How to Apply:

To apply for one of these three cadetships, applicants must complete a set of application questions. Applications will be shortlisted and may undergo an interview.


The successful applicants will be required to submit a written report to the Angus Australia Board on their experience during the cadetship and at the completion of their leadership course.

Applications close 30th May 2024

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* 1. Please supply your contact details

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* 2. What is your Angus Australia Membership ID?

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* 3. Outline your experience  in the beef industry

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* 4. What are your career aspirations?

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* 5. Why should you be considered for the AuctionsPlus cadetship?

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* 6. When have you had to demonstrate effective time management and organising your own travel and accommodation in the past?

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* 7. What would you hope to get out of the cadetship experience?

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* 8. What is your highest level of education?

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* 9. What inspires you to contribute positively to Australian agriculture?

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* 10. How would this opportunity assist you in your future endeavors?

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* 11. Please upload a current version of your CV

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