Austin Gives Survey - November 2023

1.How many years have you been a member of Austin Gives?
2.Company Name:
3.What specific initiatives or events organized by Austin Gives has your company participated in during the past year?
4.How has your company benefited from participating in Austin Gives initiatives? 
5.To help you understand how your corporate giving compares to other Central Texas businesses, would your company benefit from receiving data on topics such as budgeting, nonprofit partnerships, impact measurement, employee volunteerism programs, and other social impact practices? 
6.How would you describe your business philanthropy/social impact program? 
7.What improvements, if any, do you suggest for the current Austin Gives program?
8.How can Austin Gives better support your company's philanthropic/social impact goals and initiatives?
9.Would you like to host an Austin Gives networking or educational event in your office space?
10.If you have not yet joined Austin Gives, would you like more information on membership?
Current Progress,
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